Nottingham & Sherwood Forest


Everyone has heard of Robin Hood, Nottingham's most famous son and the world's favourite folk hero. Visit Nottingham Castle, once home to the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood's arch enemy, and now a fine museum and art gallery. Take a stroll down to the lace-making quarter, once the heart of the world's lace industry during the days of the British Empire, or for something different explore the underground caves which lie beneath the streets. We also encounter the legend of Robin Hood at Sherwood Forest, with its ancient oak trees and caves where he lived with his band of merry men.

Departs Parkside Police Station at 08.30.

There are no upcoming dates yet planned for this trip – please check our monthly programme or the other pages of the site for our upcoming trips!

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Nottingham & Sherwood Forest Nottingham & Sherwood Forest

Sorry, we do not have any online tickets for this trip available. Please email or call us on 01954 232998 to check availability.