Brighton & Royal Pavilion


This exciting seaside resort on the south coast is always a great place to spend a day, with plenty to see and do. We visit George IV's 19th-century Royal Pavilion, the strange and wonderful palace he built to live with, and entertain, his mistresses (admission included in trip price). Why not visit Sea Life Brighton, the world's oldest operating aquarium, which provides a fascinating insight into life below the waves. The Victorian pier stretches out from the beach into the sea, while the action-packed town centre offers up great shopping areas, bars, restaurants and often a variety of entertainers and musicians performing in the streets.

Departs Parkside Police Station at 08.30.

There are no upcoming dates yet planned for this trip – please check our monthly programme or the other pages of the site for our upcoming trips!

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Brighton & Royal Pavilion Brighton & Royal Pavilion

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